Data-Center-Environment-Monitoring in america

We offer a range of Data Center Monitoring and Surveillance solutions on 24/7/365 basis. Our solutions can not only be customized to suit your monitoring requirements but they are also capable of raising red flags and alerts through SMS or System Alarms.

Our goal is to minimize environmental issues in your data center and ensure real-time alerts for rectification.

We offer:

  •  Host based software for data logging.
  •  Visual monitoring screen.
  •  Real-time data logging
  •  Data Center entry (door opening / closing) logs
  •  Temperature variation logs
  •  Thermal (compressor on/off) logs

How we deliver:

  • We link temperature alarm system with monitoring systems to send alerts for high and low threshold levels.
  • We set up visual alarm and audible alarms together with automatic telephone dial-up or text message warnings to key personnel.
  • We provide web based monitoring to authorized personnel.
  • Alarms and notifications to the designated concerned users or departments.