Infrastructure- Management -Solutions in america

Your businesses are running critical applications that need 24/7 monitoring, management and other operational services. We, as your reliable business partners, understand your business needs and therefore offer a Remote Infrastructure Management Solution.

Our Remote Infrastructure Management service is one of the best model of our delivery architecture. It possesses our benchmark qualities of full redundancy, high availability, and unbending security. It is specially designed to take care of your IT Assets and provide you with the needed comfort to concentrate on core business activities.

These infrastructure management solutions are based on a robust structural design that is both open and scalable, hence allowing smooth integration with your existing business. Moreover, our monitoring consoles employee state of the art procedures to ensure a trouble-free and dynamic service deployment.

Tab14 provides you with consistent, reliable and robust Infrastructure Management Solutions at the most efficient prices in the industry.

  • Technical consultants monitor and diagnose problems proactively. Our expert staff flags and fixes potential issues before they affect your systems and hinder business processes.
  • Predictive maintenance capabilities of our team significantly reduces/eliminates incidents of emergency or unplanned maintenance.
  • Helpdesk services ensure that the support process remains transparent and real time information is available to your relevant staff.
  • ‘Single Window’ concept ensures that all your IT needs are addressed through a one channel, ensuring a well-managed and efficient infrastructure.
  • Our Infrastructure Management Solutions include hardware, software and network monitoring, trouble shooting and defect repair services.
  • Superior infrastructure performance and reduced downtime.
  •  Measurable results.
  • Faster & Improved ROI on IT Investment.
  • Tighter security of your systems.
  • Real-Time problem detection & remediation.
  • Increased confidence of all stakeholders in the overall IT service availability
  • Reduction in Operational Expenses [Opex] by taking care of day to day operational and administration responsibilities at a very competitive price.